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You can use the economic calendar to plan trades and future orders, as well as to be alerted about upcoming market events — including national interest rates, inflation levels, trade balances, oil and natural gas stockpiles, monthly jobs reports and more. What is the expected impact of economic events?

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Economic events are defined as having economic significance to the value of sharesindicescommodities and other financial instrumentsand encompass any internal or external occurrence that can affect their performance primarily, supply and demand. An economic event can either strengthen, weaken, or have a neutral effect on the instrument or instruments it correlates to.

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What economic factors may affect foreign currency exchange rates? Foreign currency exchange rates also known as Forexare influenced by an array of political and economic factors relating to the difference in value of a currency aud prognozė 2022 m economic region, such as the euro EUR in relation of another country's or economic region's currency, such as the United States dollar USD.

The main factors affecting currency exchange rates are the terms of trade, political stability and overall economic performance between the two countries or regions.

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This also refers to their economic growth for example GDP growth rateeconomic health, interest rates, inflation rates and balance of payments i. What economic factors may affect stocks? A company's stock price typically rises or falls according to changes in its competitive position in the market.

Various factors affect the competitive position of a company, including news releases issued by, or in relation to, the company's financial performance, as well as corporate events dividends, earnings reports, spin-offs, rights issue, etc.

What economic factors may affect index CFDs? A stock index is a weighted average or benchmark of prices for a selected basket of companies listed on a stock market.

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The value of a stock index is determined geriausių palūkanų indėlio sąskaita Airijoje to factors such as place of listing, type of security, market capitalisation and the weightings of constituents. Investors' overall confidence and aud prognozė 2022 m economic growth of a country's stock market may also influence the price of its indices.

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Germany Services PMI is an example of an economic event that can affect the price of the Germany 40 index, as well as other shares listed on the German stock exchange.